Transfer of Knowledge.

VALUE‐AGEING will create the opportune framework for researcher mobility and knowledge sharing through non commercial research centres and industry on the way to better address social, ethical and value implications of ICT for Ageing
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Early stage researchers will be selected on the basis of excellence in their first degrees, clear evidence of enthusiasm for the research and commitment to all aspects of the areas offered by VALUE‐AGEING. Early stage researchers are mentored by a senior researcher at the home institution. In addition, one co‐supervisors from participant institutions will be allocated at the host institution for the duration of each staying. Supervisor as well as co‐supervisors are responsible for ensuring that fellows are able to proceed with their research project and the monitoring of the transfer of knowledge programme.
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VALUE AGEING aims to attract the best and most promising researchers from all over Europe.
All recruitment will be in line with the European Charter for Researchers which will provide the overarching framework of guidelines and requirements for the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of both the researchers and their employers. The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers will be the guiding set of principles followed and will ensure selection procedures are fair and transparent. The recruitment strategy of VALUE‐AGEING will comply fully with the Code of Conduct definition of merit.
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